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Released Package Size
Apr 14, 2012 (AuDAO standalone version) 6.8 MB
Apr 14, 2012 audao-runtime-1.7.jar (AuDAO parent DAO classes and utilities) 40 KB
Apr 14, 2012 audao-runtime-gql-1.7.jar (GQL Dynamic Parser see documentation) 44 KB
Apr 14, 2012 audao-runtime-gqlext-1.7.jar (Extended GQL Dynamic Parser - see documentation) 232 KB
Apr 14, 2012 (including GQL and Extended GQL grammars for ANTLR and gqlext.jsp) 244 KB
Apr 14, 2012 (GAE datastore core classes - source for GWT emulation) 16 KB

AuDAO is an open-source project hosted at

Free Online Tool

Try our free online DAO generator.

Upload the configuration XML file and get the generated SQL scripts and Java classes for free !

Free GQL Parser

Download source or binary of our open-source GQL parser.

Query q =
 new GqlDynamic()
   "SELECT * FROM Ent");
All GQL features are supported. More...