AuDAO Generator Privacy Policy

This following frequently asked questions (FAQ) describes how this site collects personal data how the data are used.

Can I use this site without registration ?

Yes, you can read all documentation and articles and also use the online generator tool as an anonymous user. This mean, that this site will not collect any user's data if you are not logged in.

What the registration means and which data are collected after that ?

The registration itself is very simple proces. You need only a valid Google Account, we do not ask you about any other information. The application stores the username and GAE user id.

Once you are signed in, the application can collect information about your activity - mainly the times when you sign in and plain values used in the html forms. We DO NOT collect or save on the server your configuration XML files unless explicitly agreed by you.

How the collected information is used ?

The information is used only for rendering pages for the user who is signed in and for doing internal statistics about usage. The information is NEVER exported to third parties.

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