Success Stories

Let's show why we created AuDAO and how we use it.


In 2005 we participated as architects, designers and development leaders in a project NOSB - New OSS and BSS - for Cesky Telecom a.s., currently Telefonica O2 Czech Republic a.s. It was an ordering + provisioning + prebilling system which processed mainly all retail ADSL and IPTV customers. The system was developed as a J2EE application.

In the beginning we had to decide how to implement the database layer. We choose the Data Access Object - DAO concept (see Wikipedia or DAO Pattern).

Since the system was planned to work with about 150 database tables and views, we could not write the DAO layer by hand. The only effective way was to generate it. We used a commercial product which lacked of a lot of features. The generated code had to be fixed manually before using. Due to that fact the code was generated once - and the generating was applied only to classes/tables changed in the DB structure. But we realized that generating of DAO layer is possible and could be effective.

Own Generator

During the next years we realized that we needed own DAO generator. After several attempts a prototype of AuDAO was created. It was an experiment and also the applications which used it. For example we developed an experimental Facebook application which run on our Apache Tomcat server and MySQL database.


In spring 2009 we started to work on another project called FaciCredit. We started to use AuDAO as the DAO generator. The process of generating was fully automatic and allowed us to generate a code even during the build process on the fly. During the development of FaciCredit we also improved AuDAO, so it became very powerful tool. It allowed us to develop application independent of the database type.

FaciCredit system was finally deployed to T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s. It indicated us that we could use AuDAO for commercial project since then.

Todoizer - Google App Engine

In October 2009 Czech Users Group created a contest for Google App Engine developers - beginners. The assignment was to create a simple Todoizer - an application for management of Todos.

I started to learn Google App Engine API and working with datastore. I realized that it would be great to use AuDAO for generating DAO layer, so the application could be independent of the datastore - at least theoretically. So I extended AuDAO for Google App Engine datastore - and it worked even with Google Web Toolkit ! In the contest I finished at the second place - so it was a very good result for me and for AuDAO. You can download the source XML.

What's Next

Although AuDAO is a powefull tool for generating DAO layer for Java, we know that it still can be improved.

We plan to support more types and improve and extend the implementation for Google App Engine. We are also very interested in your feedback (audao __at__ spoledge __dot__ com). Please send us your comments or use SideWiki to comment these pages directly. Thanks !.

Vaclav Bartacek
System Architect and Designer of AuDAO

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